Premonition of a Nightmare


It all started when…

Premonition of a Nightmare is a story which was adapted from a series of dreams I had several years ago. I have taken the general narrative and translated it to a series of 27 linoleum relief cut prints. The series is black white and silver. Colors were chosen to create a classic dialogue with the traditions of printmaking as well as to emphasis dreams and ego. 


The narrative goes as follows: An artist has premonitions of an ill future while a young graffiti writer tags the city. The visions of his premonition hover over the artist. The artist and the graffiti writer meet and collaborate. Love begins to blossom. Their art crimes lead them to jail. Something shifts negatively in the relationship. City jail brings the artists fame and wealth. The ego swells. The ego exceeds past its limits and as a result the lover perishes. A void is created and depression sets in. The artist is haunted. Superficial relationships add to the artist’s depression. The artist finally connects with someone else who mirrors him. It is the reflection of a demon. The artist steps into this reflection. Time passes, a new love is found. But sinister drugs awaken the demon in the artist. The artist chokes the love out of his life and tries to bury his transgressions. Death finds hims in fear and his ego is dissolved into blackness. His spirit is renewed in the body of a woman. A cycle of fear, selfishness, and shadow ends. A new beginning emerges from death and a progression towards a richer life continues.